A bit about our history …

Our first vineyard was planted just after the end of the II world war. At that time the desire to rebuild was very high in the heart of everyone including that of our grandparents Vito and Sabia, who planted the first grape vine.
They would probably not have imagined that they were about to initiate a family business that has now lasted seventy years.
Our parents Filippo and Filomena also chose to continue working in the vineyards, officially founding the family farm and improving it year after year.
The love that our parents had for the vineyards was also transmitted to us, their sons, Vito, Luciano and Domenico and since we were young we were involved in the activity of the farm.
Nowadays, we run all the work needed in the vineyards and our expertise is based on high standard scientific and technical background and, of course, the forty years of experience that our parents are still providing us.


La Vinarte because …

We are farmers and a little artisans. For us, cultivating vines and making wine is not just a job, but above all else Passion, the source of ever new ideas and continuous suggestions.We do not want only to produce wine, but to share sensations and emotions, imprisoning in our bottles every perception favored by the uniqueness of this nectar.